Remove limescale build-up and help improve the taste of your beverages with the Care+Protect Rapid Action Kettle and Coffee Maker Descaler.

This descaler comes in powder form, and each sachet provides a single-dose treatment (lasting for 1 month) – helping to guarantee the efficiency of your coffee machine and your kettle. Not just effective against limescale, it will also tackle any tea and coffee residue that have been left behind.

Main Benefits

  • Includes 6 Sachets (6 month supply)
  • Removes limescale
  • Removes tea and coffee residues
  • Prolongs appliance life
  • Reduced consumption
  • Aroma and flavour preserved over time
  • No burnt coffee aftertaste
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Did you know...

Deposits and limescale cause the element to overheat, affecting normal operation.
To maintain the aroma of your hot drinks it is essential to care for coffee machines and kettles with a specific descaler.

Just for you

Easy to use – Put 1 bag of product in 1/2lt of warm water; pour the solution into the tank; wait 3 minutes; let all the solution out; repeat with water only.