The all-in-one action tablets tackles 5 tasks resulting in perfect washing results. The multi-action tablet is a detergent, degreaser, rinse aid, while doing the salt action and protects crystal. Tested on 11 of the most stubborn types of dirt these tablets are guaranteed to give you perfect wash results every time.

The unique formula works hard to leave your glass, stainless steel and plates extra clean with extra brightness and no streaks or stains. Along with the hard working formula, the tablets also neutralise bad odours by releasing a fresh lemon scent.

Continuous use of the tablets protects glass and stainless steel and keeps dishes sparkling, preventing surface streaks and stains.

  • Model: LDT2030
  • Code: 35602032
  • EAN: 8016361971059
  • Format: 30 TABS x 18gr