When the dishwasher is used regularly detergent and other deposits will build-up, without regular cleaning this can breed bacteria leading to foul odours and your plates to not be cleaned as expected.

This dishwasher cleaning care kit from Care+Protect works to deep clean the filer and all of the internal parts of your dishwasher all while extending the protection from any limescale. The care kit comes included with a magnetic descaler a 50g 3-in-1 descaling powder and 6 hygienic cleaner tablets.

This cleaning pack can help save you money while preventing and removing limescale, hygienically cleaning and neutralising odours along with removing grease and washing residues.

Main Benefits

  • Includes 1 x Magnetic descaler, 1 x 50g cleaning powder and 6 x Hygienic cleaner tablets
  • Prevents and removes limescale
  • Hygienically cleans and neutralises odours
  • Degreases and removes washing residues