Remove sediments of grease and washing residues from your dishwasher with the Care+Protect Professional Dishwasher Cleaner.

This Care+Protect Professional Dishwasher Cleaner pack contains six 20g active-tabs that are ideal for deep cleaning the filter and all the internal parts of the dishwasher (pipes, tub, spray arms…), degrasing, sanitising and eliminating washing residues, releasing a fresh lemon fragrance. They come with resealable packs to maintain the quality of the tablets.

Main Benefits

  • Degreases and removes washing residues
  • Hygienically cleans and removes odours
  • Safe touch -Protective watersoluble film wrapper
  • Suitable for all dishwasher brands
  • Lime fragrance
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Did you know...

Washing residues reduce the performance of the dishwasher, especially when in the vicinity of the filter. Over time grease, soap scum and food debris builds up, causing a breeding ground for germs and also reducing the efficiency of the dishwasher.
Monthly use of a professional hygienic cleaner provides deep cleaning of all internal parts of the appliance.