CARE + PROTECT Egg Poacher & Omelette Cooker for Microwave

Container Ideal for Steam Cooking, Serve and Store, BPA Free, 24 x 12.5 x 6 Cm

MAKE COOKING EASY: Ideal for cooking omelets quickly and easily. You can also make poached eggs. With this, anyone can achieve good cooking resuL without making any mess.

SAFE AND HEALTHY: Enbale cooking with only water, no need to add oil, butter, nearly no risk of overcooked or burnt result. Keep the nutritional properties, taste and aroma. BPA free.

SPEED AND CONVENIENCE: Shorter cooking time required compared to traditional cooking. No need to stay in the kitchen. Just set the microwave timer, then go do something else!

COME WITH: The middle tray, with its two semi-spherical hollows; creative online receipts to make your cooking experience fun.

ENERGY SAVING: Microwave cooking is usually faster and use less electricity, thus helping you reduce energy comsumption.

  • Model: CMEOC8004
  • Code: 35602782
  • EAN: 8059019074221
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