CARE + PROTECT Food Container Carbon Filters, set of 4

CARE + PROTECT Replacement Filters for the Food Container, Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh for Longer, less food waste, 90 Days of Use, Set of 4

Replace the old filter in your CARE + PROTECT Food Containers with this original filter pack, keep your containers at their best performance condition.
A mixture of various types of alumina and a 2.4 % active ingredient that absorbs ethylene gas; slows down the ripening process of perishable foods
Excellent for preserving fruit, salad and vegetables. For storage at home in a fridge or keep the food fresh on the go.
Set of 4 filter bags for use in 1.6 L and 6.4 L CARE + PROTECT Food Containers with filter
One filter guarantees 90 days of freshness. The product only contains carbon filter, containers not included.

  • Model: CFSFB4004
  • Code: 35602798
  • EAN: 8059019074764
  • Format: Set of 4