Give a touch of style to your laundry with this 100% Pure Essence Concentrated Laundry Perfume.

The fragrance in this perfume bonds to the fibres of your fabric and thanks to its special active formula it will ensure your clothes remain fragrant for up to 5 weeks. Its formula is made up of 100% concentrated perfume which ensures greater intensity compared to other laundry perfumes.

Since it is not water soluble, the fragrance does not wash away and is reactivated each time it comes into contact with moisture, making it suitabile for any kind of fabric and perfect for sportswear.

The intense and vibrant note of neroli and orange introduces an intensely floral body that combines the hints of May rose to velvety, green tones of geranium. The woody finish is thanks to the hints of boisée and sweetened by the warmth of vanilla and coumarin. Its persistence is thanks to the white moss.

  • Model: LPL1002M
  • Code: 35602036
  • EAN: 8016361971097
  • Format: 100ml

How To Use

Pour the perfume into the fabric conditioner tray before starting the selected washing programme:

1 cap (5ml) for delicate fragrance
2 caps (10ml) for intense fragrance