CARE + PROTECT ECO+ Deodorant for Dishwasher

Eliminates Bad Odours, Long-Lasting Lemon Fragrance, 2 Shells, Upto 120 Washes.

The ECO+ Deodorant for Dishwasher is a super effective deodorant, ideal for neutralising and eliminate bad odours. 100% eco-friendly formula with no compremise in performance.

It releases a pleasant lemon fragrance with each wash, and the fresh note fragrance stays for a long time .

It is suitable for all types of dishwasher from any brand.
The pack contains 2 shells that can be effective for up to 120 washes.

  • Model: CPP60DWE
  • Code: 35602759
  • EAN: 8059019072487
  • Format: 2 shells