CARE + PROTECT Triple Power Pod Descaler & Degreaser for Washing Machine/Dishwasher, Full Cycle Hygieniser, Cleaner, Limescale Remover, Powerful Liquid Formula, Quick Action, No Residues, Energy Saving Solution, 1 Pack of 6 Pods, 6 Months Protection

Thanks to CARE + PROTECT Triple Power Pods, now you can easily maintain the performance and extend the life of your washing machines and dishwashers without waiting!

Just add one pod into your machine during a normal washing cycle at any washing programs! The pod will activate itself to clean and descale simultaneously even at a low temperature. No extra cycle or action needed!

The powerful liquid formula guarantees a quick action and result with no residues, absolutely safe with your clothes and plates!

  • Code: 35602815
  • EAN: 8059019075884
  • Format: 6 pcs
Washing machine:
1. Place the Power Pod in the back/bottom of the drum before putting clothes into the washing machine
2. Add your favourite laundry detergent and softener
3. Start the desired washing machine program
1. Fill the dishwasher machine with all the dirt kitchenware as usual
2. Place the pod at the bottom / in the cutlery basket
3. Add your favourite dishwashing gel and rinse aid
4. Start the desired washing program