About us

“Care+Protect” is the brand of the Candy Group, part of Haier Europe, used by the company to market professional and universal products designed for the care, maintenance and protection of the home and of household appliances. Care+Protect’s mission is summed up in its name and payoff line. Professional products for the care, maintenance and protection of your home and appliances. Regular maintenance of your household appliances is fundamental and only by using professional products can you extend their life span and effectiveness over time. Thanks to the experience of the Group, that has always been focused on manufacturing home appliances,  which Care+Protect forms a part of, a complete range of products has been developed to provide excellent results. Experience, professionality and the constant search for innovation make Care+Protect a highly specialised range, recommended by major manufacturers of home appliances.
Why Care+Protect?
Our Mission
Offer a complete range of products for your home and appliances care & manitenance.
Our Commitment
Guarantee top quality products, always respecting the environment and with a conscious use of raw material.
Our Promise
Exclusive & regular use of Care+Protect products will extend over time your home appliances lifespan and performance.
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