Effectively tackle stubborn dirt, grease and stains on your ceramic hob with the Care+Protect Professional Ceramic Hob Degreaser.

Ceramic hobs add style to your kitchen however, making time to clean them can sometimes be a challenge with burnt on stains and grease tricky to remove.

Simple to use and fast-acting, keep your hob clean, hygienic, and working correctly with this hob cleaner spray. The cleaner’s formula has been tailored to provide a lasting shine that can improve the appearance of your glass surface, and help keep it clean in the long term.

Main Benefits

  • Suitable for all induction and vitroceramic hob brands
  • Capacity: 500ml liquid solution
  • Rapid action
  • Removes grease and stains
  • Does not leave streaks
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How To Use

Easy to use - Spray on the survace, wait some minutes and wipe with a wet cloth.