Make the most out of the space inside your oven with this Universal Adjustable Baking Tray which extends from 37cm to 52cm wide.

If you have difficulty finding appropriate or versatile baking trays and oven shelves, use Care+Protect Adjustable Baking Tray to fulfill a range of positions at different sizes. This tray is made in Hi-Top steel with a double layer of Skandia Xtreme Plus coating, to ensure perfect baking and non-stick results. It is also BPA, PFOA and heavy metal free.

Simply extend the tray to prepare larger batches of food, perfect for baking pizzas, sheet cakes and other homemade dishes.

This universal adjustable oven shelf can be expanded to fit most makes and models of oven.

Main Benefits

  • Can be used in ovens and mini ovens
  • Perfect baking results
  • Double layer of non-stick coating
  • Oil and fat free for light and healthy cooking
  • Easy to wash in the dishwasher
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