Remove any detergent and washing residue with Care+Protect Cleaning Tabs for washing machines.

This pack of Care+Protect Cleaning Tabs for washing machines contains 5 x 20g active tablets. The professional formula with active enzymes makes the Tabs ideal for a thorough cleaning of the filter and internal parts of your washing machine. Cleaning Tabs remove grease and washing residues, while also sanitising and leaving behind a pleasant lavender fragrance.


Main Benefits

  • Degreases and removes washing residues
  • Hygienically cleans and removes odours
  • Safe touch - Protective water-soluble film wrapper
  • Suitable for all washing machine brands
  • Lavender fragrance

How To Use

Empty the dishwasher. Take a tab with dry hands and place it inside the drum.

Proceed with a wash cycle at 60 degrees (no pre-wash). Monthly treatment. For more stubborn dirt it is recommended to use two tabs for the first treatment.

Did you know...

Washing residues can reduce the performance of your washing machine, especially in and around the filter. Over time, residues of grease, detergent, hair and fibers can settle, causing the growth of germs and reduced efficiency of your washing machine. Using Cleaning Tabs monthly gives a thorough cleaning of all the internal parts of your appliance.