The universal stacking kit allows for safe and perfectly stable placement of your dryer above the washing machine, saving useful space in the home.

It features a practical sliding shelf, with safe stop and anti-tipping system that can hold up to 12 Kg to help make loading and unloading easier. The shelf is also handy for folding laundry as you empty the dryer.

Quick and easy to install, this kit requires no tools to assemble while its included securing strip and wall mount ensures a secure fitting even during spin cycles, leaving you in total security and peace of mind.

It fits most washing machines and tumble dryers easily (the kit is suitable to all standard-size appliances, from 47cm to 62cm of depth, even with rounded front).

Main Benefits

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Suitable for all standard-size appliances, even with rounded front
  • Safe, durable and stable even during spin cycles
  • Practical sliding shelf, supporting up to 12 Kg
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Did you know...

Fast spinning cycles require the dryer to be positioned in a perfectly secure and stable way above the washing machine.
The safety strip together with the wall mount are the ideal solution that allows to install the two appliances on top of the other, without having to drill a hole into the top of the washing machine.

Just for you

Extremely stable and safe.
Quick and easy installation.
The sliding shelf is useful when loading and unloading laundry.
The sliding shelf is useful for folding laundry as you empty the dryer.