CARE + PROTECT ECO+ Dishwasher Gel

All in One: Degreaser, Rinse Aid, Salt, Odor Neutralizer, Hypoallergenic, Strongly Degreases and Removes Dirt. Active in Short Cycles, 650ml for Upto 38 Washes

The ECO+ Dishwasher Gel provides perfect washing results every day, even with short cycles. 100% eco-friendly formula with no compremise in performance. It guarantees effective results on the most stubborn dirt thanks to its degreasing power.

It help to keep dishes shiny and stain-free. With each wash, it neutralises the bad odours, releasing a pleasant clean fragrance.
The Bottle of 650ml can cover up to 38 washes.

Performs All in One functions:
Degreaser: effective on grease and oily stains
Rinse aid: eliminates stains and halos
Salt : formula enriched with salt for anti-limesale
Odour neautraliser: for a fresh fragrance at each wash

  • Model: CPP650DWE
  • Code: 35602757
  • EAN: 8059019072463
  • Format: 650ml